Sustainable Prefab Housing

The Flex 90 brings sustainable prefab housing to New Zealand.  Not only are the materials eco-friendly but the build method and the final product are sensitive to the environment. Prefab homes are the very Kiwi way to build a home.


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Designer sustainable prefab home


Partnering with Christchurch-based architects enabled the Flex 90 to look great and work around modern living.


Innovative design elements allow the design to work around you. Open space, privacy and useable external space is just the beginning.


Designed and built here in New Zealand means the Flex 90 is built to withstand the elements, and the unique Kiwi lifestyle.


Avoid the delays and hassle of trying to gain building consent – we’ve done it for you in advance. You’ll be able to move in even faster.


The Flex 90 is built under controlled conditions, which means no weather delays and minimal wastage.


The wooden frame is sourced from sustainably farmed timber and the high levels of insulation mean reduced energy consumption.


A home for life

Imagine a home that's built quickly, efficiently and with real life in mind.

Imagine a house that's built for the environmentally conscious buyer, within a realistic budget.

Imagine leading architects crafting a design that's customisable yet functional.

Welcome to the Flex 90


sustainable prefab house


prefabricated housing


The future is now

Going green isn't easy.  We all want to make better decisions when it comes to building a home but the cost of doing so can mean sustainable housing is out of the reach of many. 

Upgrading the insulation or using glass that retains the heat in the winter but keeps the house cool in the summer comes at a cost.  Having an architect design a house that can be flexible as your life changes, or one that maximises the indoor/outdoor flow can cost the earth.  Using materials that are sensitive to the environment often goes on the wish list as the reality of building sets in.

Finding all of the above in a house that starts from $350,000 seems impossible.

Yet that's exactly what Genius Homes and First Light have done.  Creating a sustainable prefab home that looked great, was flexible and more importantly affordable was the brief.  The Flex 90 is the result.


Reinventing building

Prefabrication is growing in popularity as home owners look for ways to build affordable homes without delays and without compromising on spec.

A home that is prefabricated has its materials highly controlled so there is minimal waste.  A prefabricated home isn't subjected to weather during build so is not delayed or hit by snow or rain before it's made weather tight.  A prefabricated home is built to tight controls meaning cost overruns during the build process are non-existent.

Because the home is delivered to your site finished this minimises the damage to roads and land that traditional building inflicts.  Multiple houses can also be built at the same time as they move down the production line.

Despite all this prefab homes are highly customisable.  The Flex 90 comes with dozens of configurable options to create the home of your dreams.  Beyond colours, carpets and finishes choose heating options that suit you, add a garage or carport and even add an outdoor kitchen to take the party onto the deck. 


downlaod our genius first light prefab home brochure