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We estimate a 5 month delivery timeframe however this may vary depending on the location and complexity of your site

Although small changes can be made to better customise the design large structural changes and alterations to the Flex90 floor plan cannot be made

Even though our floor plan isn’t customisable we still offer a range of options to choose from when it comes to those finishing touches. Once you have decided to make a Flex90 yours our design team will work with you to choose your interior paint colours, feature flooring, lighting, bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

The Flex90 design can act as a 2 bedroom design home. The 3rd room contains sliding doors which can be removed to open up and increase the space of the living area.

An important consideration when designing the Flex90 was that people want flexibility in their house design, as their needs and requirements change over the years. That's why the Genius First light can be both a 2 bedroom home and a 3 bedroom home.

If you are needing extra bedroom space the 3rd bedroom can act as a sleeping quarters. Or alternatively it can be set-up as a media room, office space or yoga retreat. The sliding doors can also open it up to create a more open living and play area.

In order to bring to life a cost effective architectural designed home, we are unable to offer any more or fewer rooms than are included in the floor plan. Learn more about our design by reading the following blog

The Flex90 is 92.9sqm in total area

The Genius First Light's Flex 90 is built to completion in our Timaru factory with all interior fitting done before the house is delivered to site. Once the home is connected to services on site the Flex90 is ready to be moved into.

No the plan cannot be purchased for own build purposes.

Unfortunately we cannot deliver to the North Island at this stage. This is due to transportation restrictions and high transport costs.

Because foundation requirements vary from site to site some sections need more foundational work then others therefore there is no set price. Our team will be happy to talk through these costs with you.

We currently do not have a showhome of the Flex90 design.

Transportation cost will vary based on the location that the house will be delivered to. It pays to speak with one of our specialists to help give you a better idea of what the cost will be to you.

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