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The affordable architect-designed home

Posted by Jeremy Richards on May 23, 2018 9:39:40 AM

architecturally designed home
It seems like an impossible compromise when building a home. You want a house that an architect has slaved over to look unique and modern yet the cost is often just out of reach.

And when you look at a lot of the pre-designed homes on the market you probably feel like they lack the uniqueness you want. Sure they look good, but many blend into the neighbourhood and that's not what you want in a home.

An affordable architecturally designed home is something that is not as available to the market, however architect firms are now trying to change this. A growing breed of architects are looking to focus their skills on designing homes that look good, are functional and use resources wisely to bring the costs down.

One of the most natural fits for this process is prefabricated (prefab) and modular homes. The reason for this is that costs can be heavily controlled in prefabrication, and construction can be protected from delays and over-runs, a common reason for cost inflation.

The plan to bring architectural designed homes to affordable housing is to do so with modular and prefab housing systems that streamline design and construction, thereby creating cost-effective solutions.

affordable architecturally designed home nz

In 1960 this was something that became accessible in Australia thanks to the likes of project-home company Pettit + Sevitt. They engaged well-known architects to design standard houses that could be built to order. This is the same philosophy that Genius First Light have taken by investing in architect input from the beginning, then working out how to make the dream a reality in the factory.

An added consideration was that people want flexibility in their house design, as their needs and requirements change over the years. That's why the Genius First light can be both a 2 bedroom home and a 3 bedroom home.

2 bedroom and 3 bedroom prefab home

What does this mean for the average home owner, or second home buyer?

The cost of materials for building are not cheap and the demand for builders is at an all time high, especially in the Central Otago region where developments are popping up seemingly everywhere. This led Genius First Light to create a design that starts from $350,000 and incorporates many must-haves for a modern home.

From great indoor-outdoor flow, a warm living space and a design that's built to be flexible to move with your life and you have a great recipe for a versatile home. With a range of options to put your stamp on the home of your dreams you can see how the Flex 90 is a home for modern New Zealand.

If you're looking for a fully customised architect-designed home without the hassle of going back and forth with designs and a rising price tag then maybe you should consider the Genius First Light Flex 90. The attractive price tag is mostly achieved through a design that's flexible, but a structure that remains unchanged. It's the 'off the shelf' adaptable home that's perfect for colder climates and summers spent outdoors.

Why not start your journey towards owning an affordable prefabricated home by either contacting us today or downloading the brochure below.

downlaod our genius first light prefab home brochure

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