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Eco-friendly homes from around the world

Posted by Jeremy Richards on Aug 16, 2018 9:25:14 AM

The cost of a house can be counted in dollars, but the construction and day to day running of a house can take a toll on the environment and is a lot harder to measure. As time is evolving we are becoming more and more cautious when it comes to the green foot-print that we are leaving behind. Re-usable bags, environmentally friendly chemicals as well as prefab homes are just a few products that are growing at a rapid rate in the hope to help conserve the natural aspects of the environment.

As the demand for new housing grows year on year an increasing number of people are looking to minimise their environmental impact. This is happening through sustainable new home technology as well as leading architectural designs for new home builds.

As new innovation and technology is emerging we have picked our top sustainable and eco-friendly homes from around the world. We hope you find them just as inspiring as we do. 

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Southern Kiwi Home - Style Guide

Posted by Jeremy Richards on Jul 18, 2018 11:14:43 AM

There’s something truly unique and special about the landscapes of the South Island. Be it the wild and rugged mountain ranges, or the picturesque glass-like reflections of the southern lakes.

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Looking for an affordable holiday home?

Posted by Jeremy Richards on Mar 14, 2018 11:11:34 AM

For many people it's a dream to own a holiday home or bach. Summers by the beach, weekends near a favourite swimming spot or a winter retreat to carve up the slopes, whatever your idea of the perfect holiday at some stage thought has also gone into the place you dust off the sand from between your toes, or hang up your boots.

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How eco design and lifestyle intersect with practicality

Posted by Jeremy Richards on Feb 14, 2018 10:17:49 AM

House design seems to be the breeding ground of compromise. The builder's triangle is frequently quoted as an example of this.

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Imagine your dream kiwi bach

Posted by Jeremy Richards on Jan 11, 2018 11:32:56 AM

New Zealand is seen as the clean, green country that actually cares about the environment. Beyond that there's something about the Kiwi dream that calls to a lot of New Zealanders. For some it's having a simple cabin or bach near a favourite swim spot, for others it's a home more in tune with nature one that almost blends into the surroundings and escapes notice.

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Why eco friendly homes are the future for New Zealand

Posted by Jeremy Richards on Dec 8, 2017 2:03:47 PM

In New Zealand 85% of energy in 2016 was generated from renewable sources, which is great news for the environment and great news for New Zealanders as a whole *. The MBIE report on New Zealand's energy use, which can be viewed here, also highlighted an interesting trend in usage. In 2016 residential electricity demand decreased by 2.6% over the year as a result of warmer than normal temperatures in autumn and winter.

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