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Imagine your dream kiwi bach

Posted by Jeremy Richards on Jan 11, 2018 11:32:56 AM

New Zealand is seen as the clean, green country that actually cares about the environment. Beyond that there's something about the Kiwi dream that calls to a lot of New Zealanders. For some it's having a simple cabin or bach near a favourite swim spot, for others it's a home more in tune with nature one that almost blends into the surroundings and escapes notice.

Many people looking to build in New Zealand want a home that ticks a few boxes.

  • It's warm, dry and efficient
  • It's kind on the environment
  • It looks modern yet possesses character
  • It doesn't cost the earth

Picture a modern kiwi cabin and you'll probably see natural wood, a low profile, a deck (of course) and big windows to soak in the view. Inside there's likely to be an open plan design, a wood burner for the colder nights and dream features like a walk-in wardrobe and ensuite.

housing in queenstown

Lifestyle is often one of the main considerations for a kiwi bach. Indoor outdoor flow would easily be achieved through large sliding or folding doors that bring the outside in. The deck areas would have to be large enough to entertain and enjoy a beer or two. It might even have an outdoor kitchen to bring the indoors out.

Most New Zealanders care about the environment around them. We might not all drive electric cars, or even remember to take the re-useable bags to the supermarket every week but given the choice we'll try to reduce our impact and make smart choices. The ultimate kiwi lifestyle cabin is likely to be made from sustainably sourced materials, contain features that might not be the cheapest but will reduce the carbon footprint. It's also likely to be energy efficient by using technology that helps the home stay warm in winter, and cool in summer.

The ideal kiwi bach is also likely to be designed in New Zealand by a small, local architecture firm that (like almost everything kiwi) punches above its weight on the world stage. It's also likely to be built by another New Zealand-based company that employs skilled locals.

It's also likely to be built in an innovative way that reduces cost, delays and environmental impact. And even though the house might be bought from a brochure and built in a factory the concept of 'off the shelf' would stop there. From exterior cladding, colours, finishes, whether you have a garage or carport and windows to the interior layout and finishes almost everything would be customised to your tastes to make it as personal as if you'd designed and built it yourself, without the hassle.

Sounds almost dreamy doesn't it?

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