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How to pick the perfect section for a prefab home

Posted by Jeremy Richards on Aug 28, 2018 9:32:45 AM




If you're looking to build a new home then you'll quickly find the options are daunting. From house and land packages to buying a section to using family land to build on. And if you're thinking about building a prefab home then picking the perfect home to suit your style, design and needs require additional thought.

A traditional build can be located almost anywhere. So long as the access is good enough for deliveries to occur then you're unrestricted as to the size of home you can build. With prefab, things aren't as easy.

Finding the perfect piece of land is one thing, after all, it's often an emotional decision based on things you're drawn to. The view, the lifestyle or the proximity to jobs and schools. Combining that with the head-driven elements of logistics and site challenges can land you in a world of difficulty.

In this article we'll focus on some of the key considerations you'll face when looking for your new section to house a prefab home.

Site access:

This is possibly the most important factor of all. As a prefab home is delivered completed and in one piece on the back of a large truck, you will need to ensure that access to the site is possible for a heavy and long vehicle.

If the section is challenging to reach via car then it could be that getting a truck through to the site may be impossible.

It's worth assessing the route to your site from the main road to identify potential issues getting the house on site.

If you're in any doubt at all you can book a free, no obligation site visit from a Genius First Light specialist to assess the route and site. These are completely free and can be easily booked HERE.


North facing is always a winner, especially with a Flex 90. The double glazed windows ensure the sun's heat is reflected away ensuring the house does not get too hot in the summer. While the high levels of insulation mean the house stays warm during the winter.

Make sure you're making the most of the views and that the rear deck leads onto some lovely flat land for some summertime backyard cricket! Depending on your lifestyle may want the living areas of the house to soak up the sunrise, or you may prefer for the deck to bask in the evening glow. A site visit can help with planning your home's orientation to suit your unique style.

Site Topography:

This is one of the most important factors when it comes to knowing if your section will be able to house a prefab home or any home. Topography is the study of the shape and features of the surface of the earth. While a flat site is ideal, sloping sites are not completely written off and can still be built on without too much hassle.

The type of land you're building on can heavily influence landscaping costs. Even if the land is flat to the eye (or in relation to everything around it) you are likely to still need some form of earthworks before the house is placed at its final location.

Again, it's best to make use of the free site visit to understand the earthwork requirements, and connection needs before you dive too deep into the planning process. It's never too early to have a professional assess your section and advise on the things you may not know to look for.


Because our homes are delivered fully built from our Timaru factory, transportation can sometimes be a little tricky. We can deliver to most places in the South Island however, getting a fully built house to anywhere over the Takaka hill and Marlborough area is a little tricky!

It isn't possible for us to deconstruct the home to place it on smaller transporters unfortunately so please consider whether a fully built house can access the route between Timaru and your section.


Prefab houses are exactly the same as a standard kitset or new build house when it comes to consents. Unlike mobile or transportable homes, our houses are designed to be fixed in place permanently once they are delivered. They may arrive on a transporter but removing them isn't as simple as it is for transportable homes.

Therefore you will need the same consents as any other permanent dwelling. At Genius First Light we can help in this process, letting you know which consents you need and guiding you on the costs involved. At the free site visit we can assess your requirements and give advice on which consents will be required based on your region, proximity to other houses, etc.

Early in the exploration phase of wanting to build a new home you're likely to have lots of questions. You might not even know all the things you need to ask or Google!

That's why it's a good idea to speak to someone that does this day after day. Having helped hundreds of people build their prefab homes over the years we can answer the questions you don't even know to ask. And the best place to start is for us to come and look at your site and advice based on your unique requirements.

Every site and every home is different so let us tailor our responses to your unique needs. Book in for a free, no obligation site visit by clicking the button below.



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