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How eco design and lifestyle intersect with practicality

Posted by Jeremy Richards on Feb 14, 2018 10:17:49 AM

eco design and lifestyle intersect with practicality

House design seems to be the breeding ground of compromise. The builder's triangle is frequently quoted as an example of this.

The builder's triangle has three needs at each of its tips. Fast, Cheap and Quality. The idea is that you can choose two of the tips, but choosing any pair will cause the third element to 'blow out'. For example:

  1. You can choose fast and cheap, but you won't have quality
  2. You can choose to have cheap and quality, but you won't find that quickly so your time will blow out.
  3. If you want fast and quality, you will have to pay for it.

So in an industry that often makes you pay for your conflicting choices, what options exist for the buyer looking for environmentally friendly build principles, speed, lifestyle flexibility in layout, yet a practical build?

Genius First light have been hearing about these requirements for some time. However eco isn't cheap, adding lifestyle options adds to design time and cost, and a practical build would usually lower cost, but that's been taken out by the previous two requirements.

Not so with the new range of prefabricated houses from Genius First Light.

genous first light eco living new zelaand

The flex space within the Flex 90 is architecturally designed to offer you the ultimate layout choice without compromise. The corner door feature offers privacy if the room is required to be used as a bedroom, or closed off as an office. Fully open, the extra room becomes part of the living space, perfect for a child's play room or a media room.

When specifying your Flex 90 home there are other chances to adapt it to your living style, without breaking the bank. These options are perfect for those looking to have the home of their dreams, without the hassle, complication or cost of a fully customised home.

As an example, Genius First Light offer three statement entrance and living features to choose between.

Choose between a stone wall with a gas fire feature, a storage wall with a woodburner, or a screen wall with a woodburner.

Your Flex 90 can also be adapted to create more usable living space, to suit your unique lifestyle. You can add a garage or carport, depending on your needs and preference. You could add an outdoor kitchen should your lifestyle wish. You can even add decks from the kitchen, the living area or the master bedroom to follow the sun and suit your dream lifestyle.

Because there's a range of options, there's no need to go back to the drawing board with revisions due to compromise. And because it's prefabricated, the costs can be kept as low as possible. That's why Flex 90 plans start from $350,000.

You may have missed our article explaining the benefits of the environmentally conscious materials used in the Flex 90, but knowing your home is built from sustainable materials, and to a standard much higher than the building code in some areas, you can be confident there's no compromise in design and build.

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