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A Flex 90 home in construction!

Posted by Jeremy Richards on Nov 23, 2018 8:28:39 AM

As this Flex 90 goes through the production line we thought we'd take you along the process and explain the many benefits of the Flex 90 build process, at our prefabrication facility in Timaru.



Prefab homes are constructed in our factory and here at Genius First Light, all our homes are built indoors. We have 3 factories located in Timaru and are all in walking distance to each other.

Each factory is responsible for a specific part of the prefab construction of each home, with specialist teams working through the various stages as required.

The process and our factory

Our team consists of senior and fully qualified builders with constant supervision which means that quality is assured, all trade work is carried out professionally to high standards. There are no weather delays and the qualified & experienced Genius tradesmen are all onsite so there's next to no travel time involved.

Construction Method

Our unique and innovative building process helps save time and money by making the most of the efficient use of materials and tradesmen at our factory production line. This is how we can offer you the benefits of superior quality, faster build times, and great value for money.

Let's take a look at this Flex 90 going through the production process and explain a couple of the key benefits as we go:


Aluminium joinery goes in and the Masons barricade Fire Rated building wrap is also now on. This is a non-woven fire retardant that is also a water resistant and breathable wall underlay. It provides additional weather, water and anti-fungal protection for a warm, healthy home.


Each Flex 90 is built inside our production facility. Homes built on-site reach the framing stage and are still exposed to the elements. This means wind, snow and rain are lashing the frame until the house can receive its outer cladding. Constructing the Flex 90 inside means that the weather in Timaru can go from blistering heat to a freezing snowstorm in minutes (As it sometimes does!) and the house is fully protected.


Underfloor, ceiling and inner wall insulation not only means the Flex 90 is nice and warm even during the coldest winters but there's a surprising additional benefit too. The insulation also baffles sound, which reduces noise transfer between rooms. Perfect for a young family, or simply for a little peace and quiet.


Double glazed windows and doors keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. At this stage the house is weather tight, something that's important for a home built on-site as it marks the point in which internal fit-out can begin (electrical, plumbing etc). Because the Flex 90 is built indoors there isn't such time constraints for the internal team, which means this can be done earlier to reduce time delays.

To see the Flex 90 on the production line, and see how this could be perfect as your next home click the button below to book tour visit to our factory in Timaru.



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