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10 reasons why the flex 90 is the perfect family home

Posted by Jeremy Richards on Oct 25, 2018 2:05:08 PM


Looking to build a family home that is flexible to adapt and grow with you? Of course, you are!

Family life is dynamic and never stops. From the day you decide to have a family the planning begins, and flexibility or adaptability becomes a huge factor in purchase decisions. From trying to find a baby capsule that doubles as a car seat to finding a bed that's safe, but can change as your little one grows up.
What seems even more surprising is how quickly these changes occur. Only 5 minutes ago they were learning to walk and in next to no time they're off to school, then the big school.

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You've got to be adaptable as well. Their food tastes may change overnight, as might their favourite colour and the mere existence of a child can cause lives to change forever. Dreams of that trip to see the world may have to go on hold and even job offers have to be carefully considered around school and hobbies.

Yet in a new world where you have to display gymnast levels of flexibility, there are many things in life that refuse to adapt at quite the same level.

A two-seat sports car might be able to accommodate a baby seat, but who wants to bend almost to the floor to extract the small child? The aisles in your favourite shop seemed wide enough before but now that there's a pram it feels like you're trying to reverse park a semi truck! Why can't everything provide flexibility as life changes?

Your home is a prime example.

The bedroom that was fine as an office, then a nursery, then a toddler's room then seems too small as they grow into young adults. Fine for a computer, then a bed, but squeezing both in can seem impossible!

On the other hand, if you're inundated with space then how do you stop yourself from rattling around all the empty space when they leave home? It may seem like an age away but just ask any older parents about how quickly that comes around. And even though downsizing seems like the logical solution one you've had a lifetime of memories in a place you realise how hard that is in reality.

What you need is a home that can adapt to all of these stages of life.



The Flex 90 is built to be the flexible home that the modern family needs. Not only is it environmentally conscious, but it's built to extremely high standards meaning a warm, dry and healthy home for your family. The Flex 90 is not only flexible in terms of the choices of a specification but also how it adapts to your life.

The third bedroom features two sliding corner doors. This means it can function as its own room, or open up to create more usable living space. If you need an office (as in the floor plan above) the Flex 90 delivers.




Using it as a temporarily enclosed space offers the most flexibility. The above floor plan shows the flex room being used as a quiet space for yoga but it could work as a reading room, or media room or even both every so often. When not in use the doors slide back. In any ordinary 3 bedroom home, the third bedroom is unlikely to become a dedicated hobby room, because that will 'hog' space. Here lots of hobbies can share the same room and when you're not pursuing your passion you get a lighter, brighter living space. While your family is young, and still sleeping in the master bedroom this room can easily be a functional changing room or even a playroom. Easily shut away from the toys when your little one is asleep or when grown-up friends come over.




As your family grows, or the little one becomes not so little, the flexible room can become the kids' bedroom, freeing up the second double room for guests. Or turn the second bedroom into the kids' room and use the flexible third room as a second lounge. The kids can watch Frozen 7 (let's hope not!) and chill with the sliders closed for a more relaxed vibe. When guests come over the third room can change from a second lounge to a guest room. A sofa bed offering instant flexibility.

You were promised 10 reasons why the Flex 90 is the perfect family home. Even though we feel the above reasons are pretty good, let's look at a few more!

  1. Indoor/outdoor flow - folding and sliding doors both front and back makes the transition seamless
  2. Outdoor kitchen - family time becomes unforgettable with the optional exterior kitchen
  3. Sociable kitchen - the breakfast bar in the main kitchen creates a sociable family hub for quick meals
  4. Low maintenance - easy care means more time as a family and less time on odd jobs
  5. Warm home - high spec recycled wool insulation keeps this home warm in winter
  6. Entrance statement - choose from a stone wall with gas fire, storage wall with wood burner or a screen wall with wood burner
  7. Natural materials - the soft natural timber and locally sourced schist connect your home to the great outdoors
  8. Family-sized storage - Built-in wardrobes, hallway hot water closet and space in the flex and living rooms means a clutter-free home
  9. Garage or carport - add a single or double garage for more storage or a safe space for the family wagon
  10. Prefab easy - the Flex 90 is built off-site and delivered complete, meaning less stress and controlled costs


Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 1.36.02 PM


Change is the only constant in life. You can either resist it, or build a life that is adaptable to change. With a Flex 90 you will have a home that is adaptable to that change, and can work with you, rather than against you.

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